Hashmi Vegitot Cream (vagina tightening medicine) – 20gm


Benefits of Hashmi Vegitot Cream

  • No side effects
  • 100% Natural Ayurveda
  • Improves friction and tightness
  • Reestablishing vagina flexibility
  • preservation from microbial pathogens
  • Reduce excessive mucus of the vagina
  • Enjoy a richer and more satisfying sex life
  • Removes various infections and bad odor
  • Tighten the internal tissues and skin of the vagina


What is Hashmi Vegitot Cream (vagina tightening medicine)

Hashmi vagitot cream (vagina tightening medicine) comes with the benefits of rare natural herbs. It is generally utilized for the analysis or treatment of Vaginal dryness, vaginal tightening, feeling of pressure, burning, irritation. It isn’t just a powerful cure against yeast contaminations; it also brings the body back in equalization and overall female wellness. Vagina tightening cream is prove to reestablish vaginal tissues to help calm vaginal dryness and even hard sex because of menopause. Menopause can cause changes in the vaginal tissues, called vaginal decay. The detachment in the vagina is looked at by all ladies after conveyance. The negative effect of labor comes as an extended vagina. In this cycle, the pelvic muscles unwind and turn out to be free that diminishes sexual movement and sensation.

Vagitot vagina fixing Cream treats the basic reason for vaginal dryness and painful sex, to reestablish the tissues that give flexibility and lubrication. The best natural arrangement in the event that you are confronting issues like looseness in the vagina, lack of interest for intercourse, absence of sensation, Infection or a bad odor, or other comparable issues. These issues, if not treated as expected, can bring about bigger clashes in sexual and relationship matters. This vagina tightening medicine is extraordinary compares to other virginity fixing items in India that each lady wants. But it is the most secure, relieving normal healer that mysteriously takes a shot at different parts of the vagina.

How does Hashmi Vegitot Cream work?

Hashmi vagitot medicine attempts to treat vaginal distress and difficult sex by conveying a mix of estrogen straightforwardly to the tissues in and around your vagina. Vagina tightening cream doesn’t veil symptoms for brief help. Also, Vagitot cream tends to the reason for vaginal dryness and excruciating sex at its source treating the estrogen misfortune that causes these normal menopausal side effects. Overall, Vagina tightening treatment can turn around vaginal diminishing and dryness and reestablish vaginal tissue. The tissue that gives versatility and grease. Also, with proceeded with use, you can keep up this inversion.

Precautions :

Keep away from children’s reach
Do not overdose the medicine
Self-medication is not recommende
Store in a dry and cool place
Close medicine cap tightly after every use


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